Lite av varje

att välja på!
Någon som känner igen något och vet vad det används till!?!
( little of everything to choose from! Anyone recognize anything and know what to use it in?!? )



9 thoughts on “Lite av varje

  1. Thanks for popping in to MORE TIME AT THE TABLE. Glad to have you from way off in Sweden! Enjoy the fall….

  2. Nja… det står ju “torkade ostron” (dried oysters) på den andra uppe till vänster, och nog liknar det räkor längst ner till vänster. Torkade? Sen vete 17 om det är nån sorts havs-mat alltihop? Torkat.
    I soppor??? Vad tror du?

  3. It *all* looks like dried seafood to me. I know that a lot of Asian recipes use dried fish and shrimps and such more like spices than as “meat” ingredients, but it may be good in a soup or sauce, too. I’d have to let an expert fix these things for me or teach me how, because I really wouldn’t know what to make with it all! 🙂

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