Idag hamnade

jag på en katolsk mässa! Som hölls på polska för säkerhetsskull!

Men åh, vad roligt det var! Väldigt intressant- trots att man inte förstod ett enda ord! 

Och hur mycket folk som helst! Trodde först att det var någon speciell högtid med allt folket- men det är tydligen alltid så många besökare!

I Lennarts hus är alla välkomna!

( today I went to a catholic mass- it was all in polish! Very interesting AND unlike the swedish state church- the church was packed with people! )


17 thoughts on “Idag hamnade

  1. I used to go to Polish Mass when I was very small, Anna, because we lived in the Polish section of Brooklyn and went to the Polish church. I can still remember some of the passages. It was comforting, though I did not understand the words, really. Have a good rest of your Sunday in Stockholm, my friend.

  2. Reminds me of the masses in Hungarian, German and Czech last summer before we got to Stockholm. The German ones I could understand some of the time, and the others only when the music or the rhythm of the mass told me what part it would have been in Latin or English! Always lovely, though, even to be in those wonderful spaces, admiring the magnificent windows and carvings….

    I don’t know about those other cities, but it seems possible we’ll be able to be back in Stockholm at least once during the next year, as Richard has invitations to speak or adjudicate at several events if the funds become available. Radiokören celebrates its 90th year throughout 2015, I think (, so R has been asked to speak about its history during the celebrations; and he’ll be one of the judges for the Eric Ericson conducting competition if *that* gets enough funding. I can’t remember what the other invitation he has is for at the moment, but I know that if the EE competition is held it will be in February 2016. Obviously I’m very much hoping that at least one of these events will happen so we can come “home” to Stockholm for a visit or two again soon.

    In the meantime, it’s always a pleasure to “visit” through your photos.

    May the springtime bring you lots of beautiful reasons to go wandering with your camera! 🙂

    • Kathryn, lets hope that you and Richard will be able to come visit soon!
      I thought that spring was here- because last week it was such a lovely weather- but now its Snow in Stockholm…..
      I guess its a typical April weather!
      Hope you will get some sun and are having a nice weekend!

      • It’s definitely the time of year for the weather to take sudden turns, pretty much everywhere: I just put a few photos up on Facebook of our yard, showing the little bit of snow on top of about 3 or 4 cm of ice, and then less than ten days later, snow gone and our flowering pear tree in full bloom. A few days after that, a big rain storm that nearly flooded our property, and then a bit of sunny with relatively high temperatures stuff. I’ve given up trying to figure out what to wear and am considering just putting on everything I own every morning and taking off layers throughout the day to adjust for what the weather does. 😉

        But the weekend is happy, because we got our annual taxes finished this week and accepted by the tax agency today. So good to have that un-favorite task finished. And tomorrow, Richard’s doctoral student assistant will conduct Evensong at the Anglican church where R used to direct the choir in Dallas. It will be pretty and meditative, and a good beginning to a busy week. 😀

      • i just cant wait til I can get started on planting seeds in my kitchen window and hopefully soon- do some work on my balcony!!!!
        Just love to Watch Everything grow!!
        It gives me hope!
        Have a great start on a new week!

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