Regn och 

rusk ute- tulpaner inne!

Detta gör mig lycklig!

( rainy and cold outside- tulips inside! This makes me happy! )


37 thoughts on “Regn och 

  1. You reminded me of a wonderful Bo Holten composition Richard performed with one of his choirs some years ago, ‘Regn och Rusk och Rosenbusk.’ The tulips do look like they come from a fairytale! 🙂 What a marvelous bouquet!

      • Funny you should ask. I just looked on YouTube, and the first link that appeared was of Michael Zaugg conducting ‘voces borealis’ in a fine performance of it. Michael was chosen as conductor of the professional choir Pro Coro Canada in Edmonton, AB, when my husband left his tenure there after 12 happy years with them (his other work finally just got too busy for continued commuting across the Canadian border!). 🙂

  2. Those tulips would make me happy too!! Today I almost bought pussy willows and tulips to make an arrangement but alas I didn’t in the end… But yours have brightened my day!!!

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