Fina blomster-

bilder kan det aldrig bli för mycket av!


( have a nice weekend! )  


17 thoughts on “Fina blomster-

  1. One of the loveliest, indeed. I miss rhododendrons! They were *everywhere* (and some as big as trees) where we used to live around Seattle, and I hardly ever see them in this too-hot climate. So what a wonderful thing to see them here! I see that Ms. Liljendahl has been enjoying the same Spring brilliance as you, Anna. Oh, the blessed north! 😀

    Well, we won’t see any rhodies then, but it does sound likely we’ll get to come to Stockholm for a very short visit in November. Richard just got a note today saying that they will probably have him come and give a talk (probably together with a foreign correspondent) at Berwaldhallen on 20 November for the anniversary celebration of RK. Hurra!

    Happy rhododendron season, for now—enjoy them extra for me!!

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