när det gick att ta ett bloss i lugn och ro!

( longtimeago! )


7 thoughts on “Längesedan

  1. Hello, Anna? The red seats makes this room look so warm! By the way, since you had such a hard time finding my blog link, I worked at my end…..and now my gravatar picture – when you click on it – at the bottom of the information box, it gives you the link to my blog. I think that is what you needed, yes? When I tried to write you back, I couldn’t find our previous conversation. I hope this helps. I hope to hear from you again, Anna. 🙂

      • I wonder why that happens, too. I think I will write a question to wordpress, because I also have clicked on people I wanted to follow, and it gives me that same message “the authors have deleted the site.” HOWEVER, and this may work for you, Anna, I go to my e-mail inbox and look for the notification that gives that person’s blogging name along with about three recent blog titles. When I click on those, magically I can access their page. It’s very strange.

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