Ave Maria




22 thoughts on “Ave Maria

  1. You’ve made me think of the many beautiful Scandinavian choral settings of ‘Ave Maris Stella’ (Olsson, Öhrwall, Kverno, Grieg…)—I’ll bet they’d be especially wonderful sung under a resonant dome like that. 😀 A lovely building!

      • Absolutely!!! The friend from Uppsala who will be doing the RK pre-concert interview together with Richard actually came here earlier this week so they could discuss how they wanted to do the interview and such—so generous of him, and it was of course yet another way we have become more conscious just how soon this visit will happen!

        In the meantime, I am working hard to get the house ready for our giving it to the family who are buying it from us, which will happen almost *immediately* after our return from Stockholm—that means nearly everything has to be packed and ready to go to the new apartment the very next day after we come back to Texas. And of course we are going to Oregon *this* next week for Richard’s choir to sing at a national choral conference. Lively times! I have a feeling I will sleep all the way to Stockholm just from exhaustion. But I can’t wait to arrive, either, so I might be too excited to sleep. We’ll see….

        Until we meet, many happy greetings!

      • Seeing what our calendar is starting to look like already, I think the week in Stockholm is going to be almost as crazy busy as it is here at home right now—but I can’t wait anyway! So many good friends, and to be back in my favorite place, too—!!! I think our schedule with the RK events and the longtime friends we’re meeting is beginning to solidify enough so that I may be able to see where there might be any little times to fit in a visit to meet you if you’re available. I will let you know as soon as I’m able when it may be possible for me to get free.

        For now,

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