alla säger att det är supernyttigt! Någon som vet eller har några tips eller recept!

( aroniaberrys- super healthy and good for you- they say! Anyone have any recepies or suggestions! )


21 thoughts on “Aroniabär

  1. Berry nice.. (Bad joke again!)
    They are rather sharp so I would mix them in with other fruit… They do well in apple pies or strudel but not in big amounts. And you can use them in any recipe that has Cranberries or Blueberries… Just realise that they are a little more sharp in taste.

  2. Aronia is the Latin name right? I looked up how people have used the American species and seems to only have been a minor food source due to the astringency (They’re called Chokeberry in America). Never have had a chance to use them myself, but my sources back-up Kalamain’s advice.

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