God fortsättning!

Börjar året med en riktigt god energibomb! (  Surdegsbröd, rökt skinka, gruyereost, cornichonger, syltlök, ägg, Champagne )

Happy New Year! Im starting the new year with a caloriebomb! ( bread, egg, smoked ham, gruyerecheese, cornichongs, pickled onions, Champagne! What a perfect start! )


30 thoughts on “God fortsättning!

  1. Happy New Year from Sydney! I love the look of your spectacular breakfast. I had to look up cornichongs, as I’ve never heard of them before. Might have to buy a jar and try them out.
    We stayed home and watched the fireworks on TV and I managed to get some surprisingly good photos. We also had a very anxious dog who didn’t appreciate the local fireworks huffing, puffing and slobbering all over us. She’s been very subdued today in recovery mode…drunk on stress.
    xx Rowena

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