Inne på Instagram

kan man se de mest lajkade bilderna 2015! Spännande- men oväntade bilder! Är i alla fall oerhört stolt och glad över att någon gillar mina bilder!
Hoppas 2016 blir ett super år! Vi ses!

( over at Instagram they have this #2015bestnine ! Very intersting and funny to see the pics that got most likes last year! Makes me proud and happy! But very unexpected! Hope 2016 will be a greay year! )


23 thoughts on “Inne på Instagram

      • Yes, we’ve had a good *real* holiday—quiet, and not a working-all-the-time one as it is so often for musicians—and it was very welcome after last year’s constant busyness! Now we’re settled in; the move had its complications, as they all do, but was smooth in general, and we immediately felt at home in our new place. It does take some time to get used to things being stored in different spots, having stairs again after about 12 or 13 years of single-story living, and just hearing different house-outdoor-traffic-nature sounds around us, but none of that is especially complicated. 🙂

        I hope your holidays were beautiful, too. That luscious meal you pictured makes me think so!! 😀


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