Vilken fin

eftermiddag det blev!

( what a nice day its been! )



14 thoughts on “Vilken fin

      • Two days ago, we woke up to clouds, but rather high temperatures. During the morning, the clouds flew by and the sun shone—occasionally—while the temperature dropped. Suddenly in the late afternoon (I was sitting on the couch near the front door) I could hear the wreath hung on the front door start tapping. I went to look and before I could see whether I needed to move it while the wind was getting stronger, I heard what sounded like rocks and gravel being thrown against the door. A hailstorm had started, and the wind was so strong that when I dashed upstairs to Richard’s office and we both looked out the window there, the hail was blowing straight sideways toward the front of our apartment and *us*! We had to get away from the windows, it was hailing so hard. That lasted for about ten minutes, and by the time it finished, the hail was about the size of golf balls. When the hail stopped, the rain kept pouring so hard that in another five minutes the whole inch of ice outside our door was melted. Then it stopped raining almost completely. And the sun came out, and the wind died. And it got really warm, probably 27C! Yes, April has a mind of her own everywhere!! 😀

        PS—The great news is that there was not a bit of damage to any of our window glass, the wreath on the front door, or even our car, which though it was under the carport was two meters from the open side. Kind of a miracle: there were huge tree limbs knocked down 30m down the street, and cars in the area destroyed. Lucky us! Weird, too (both the weather and us)! 😉


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