I’m in love!


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    • No, not baked potato! Just potato I think. In Sweden we have this forms of shops whitout someone in the shop. We take what we need, and pay in some kind of locked boxes. Egg and potato is most freqvently. Perhaps Anna can told more just about this shop. I lived about 250 km from Anna, and we have this kind of shops here too. Stjersunds castle have an egg-shop like this! ( http://turistmal.se/?index=item&id=247 ) If You are i Sweden is worth a visit!
      Livets Skiftningar

    • Its like Pia said- a Little “shop”-open 24/7- and you just go in there- take what you need and put your Money in a cup!
      This Place I found out on an Island outside stockholm-and it was a Beautiful farm with lots of things for sale! In this Little shed- they sold potatoes and rhuburb, lemonade, rootbeer, chips and some Spices.All organic and grown at that farm!

    • Det är ute på Värmdö- värmdö musteri! En underbar gård och musteri-med ett cafe to die for! Och folk kommer dit med egna äpplen och får gjort om till must! Dom gör även egen rapsolja! Så det är ett väldigt trevligt besök!

    • This is a Little “shop” on a farm ( on an Island outside Stockholm ) where they sell vegetables, fruits and other Products from the farm- you take what you want and leave your Money in a cup! ( a kind of a honesty shop! )
      A Lovely idea that works outside the city!

  1. Thanks for liking my street photography. I’ve updated the website (not on WordPress anymore) so please feel free to check it out at: http://www.shutter-bomb.com I will be updating the galleries this week. Really like your style and photos, keep up the good work!

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