Nu hoppas vi

amerikanarna röstar- och röstar rätt!😉 Inatt blir det valvaka!

( a prayer for America!🙏🏻 )


19 thoughts on “Nu hoppas vi

      • Curiously, it is probably the fairest way to have the election in a federation of very different states. If it was just by numbers then it wouldn’t reflect the real desires of each individual state and be biased on how populous they were. Each state is run like a separate country, with a different legal system – similar to Europe or the British Union.

  1. It doesn’t matter which of the two major candidates wins… Neither are good choices. It’s only a matter of ‘The lesser of two evils’.
    I was hoping that the 3rd party candidates would have gotten a better show. B-(
    As I am looking at the stats right now I don’t think I could have predicted such a radical shift. >.>

    I can only hope that the US understands WHY they are being elected and do what they been to and NOT use this as a platform to be idiots.
    Only time will tell. *sigh*

    • I’m still in chock and do Think that Clinton was a better choice of the 2. But its a democracy- thank god- so we just have to accept that. ( the look on Obamas face when he had to meet Trump yesteday at the whitehouse says it all )

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