Det blev en chock-

både vädret och Presidentvalet. VAFANHÄNDE???

( its a chock- both the weather AND the US election… wtfh??? )


28 thoughts on “Det blev en chock-

  1. It appears we both got dumped on. At least the bicycles can be cleaned up. We’ll see what the US election decision brings. What usually happens after four years is that many of the folks who voted the president in are complaining about him. Human Nature. Mother Nature.

      • Our nation has had some poor leaders in the past, but we have managed to persevere and get through very difficult times and overcome adversities. No nation has it good all the time. Thank you for praying for us and for all our leaders. Personally, I try to remember leaders need prayer even at a local level. I enjoy your daily posts, by the way. Sometimes I’m just thrilled by your talent. Other times, by your choice of subjects. The dog is a keeper!

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