I am OK-

Pray for Stockholm🙏🏻


28 thoughts on “I am OK-

  1. You know I will. I was just coming here to see if you were okay. Åhléns is a main part of the view from ‘our’ flat when in Stockholm, and a place many of our dear friends shop, as do we when in town, so it was extra terrible to see the news. SO grateful you are all right for now. You will indeed be in my thoughts and prayers even more than usual now. Peace, love, and safety.

    • Kathryn, thanks for your kind Words. Yes its really hard to understand that this could happen here. Right in the middle of Town, a friday afternoon….
      Today at 2 it was a manifestaion at Sergels Torg- against HATE- showing those terrorists that we are NOT AFRAID and love will prevail!
      I hope your friends here are ok!
      Stor kram

      • It’s interesting, my dear Anna—just before the attack in Stockholm, I had lunch with one of Richard’s students (an undergraduate music educator who is developing into a fine young composer); Sam had asked to use one of my poems for a composition and wanted to discuss some details of my meaning and his ideas for using the text, and so forth.

        During lunch he asked me if I would be willing to collaborate on another piece: he wants to do a composition remembering the mass shooting in Orlando last year and honoring the dead. So I had already begun to write some imagery about finding commonality amid deep differences, and particularly, about what we long to do:as you say, to make Love prevail!

        I am fairly happy with my progress on the text thus far and will have lunch with Sam again next Monday to discuss it with him…and then I get to go with him over to school and hear him do a ‘read-through’ of the other (first) piece with the university’s top choir. Should be very interesting! I will keep you posted, but somehow it’s comforting to me that these young musicians are interested in spreading the word of Peace in their own strong young voices. Yes, there *is* hope.


      • Oh- Kathryn, that must be such a wonderful thing. AND YES- its very comforting to hear such a story- and there has to be hope! ANd I’m glad to hear that there is hope amongst our Young!
        Please let me know how this turns out!
        Stay safe!

  2. Such a sad news, we used to live just a few streets away where it happened. Our warmest thoughts are with all of you. God bless

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