I have a dream


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      • Oh- I didnt know! i didnt even know who he was! had to google him! i guess hes not know at all here in Sweden! is there anything written about his hobby! Would be interesting to read about it!

      • Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has confessed to the “zany” pastime of collecting manhole covers.

        Mr Corbyn said his drain-spotting hobby was something he had picked up from his mother, who had a keen interest in social history.

        He said it was possible to tell a lot from a drain cover and explained: “If you walk around and look at drain covers, you will see in London MWB, Metropolitan Board of Works.

        “That gives you the age range because Metropolitan Board of Works hasn’t been around for a long time.” The Metropolitan Board of Works disbanded in 1889 – it’s work was taken on by London County Council.

        He added: “Some of them are quite artistic. I know this sounds a little bit zany.”

        Jeremy Corbyn
        Mr Corbyn has taken some criticism for his sense of style
        In an interview with Lorraine Kelly for her programme on ITV, Mr Corbyn said the same could be said of Post Office telegraphs and tramways.

        He said: “History is what we all live all the time and it’s a kind of social history.”

        Mr Corbyn also told how his son had given him fashion guidance when he stepped out in shorts and socks that did not match and added that his friends and neighbours were constantly giving him sartorial advice.

        The Labour leader also spoke about the Paris attacks calling them “appalling” and said that political settlement in Syria was key and not further bombing.

  1. I had to check out some of your posts after you liked my blog about my garden (thank you!) and this one really makes me smile. I love the whimsy of a little sewer rat having a big dream. Pretty sure that shows the thought bubble of a little rat.

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