Nykokta räkor-

behövs inget mer än det!👌🏻

( newly cooked shrimps! Needs nothing more! 😋 )


20 thoughts on “Nykokta räkor-

  1. Have a delicious season! We will still be in Mexico over Sankt Hans this year, but it seems the people of San Miguel de Allende like to celebrate pretty much any fest or fiesta they can, so they won’t think it amiss if we celebrate in our own way. It’s a good Catholic country, so I won’t be surprised if they have a Fiesta de San Juan even in St. Michael’s city. 😉

      • We are trying very hard to find a way to get over to Sweden and Norway in the next year. Richard has a sabbatical next spring (January through May), but his project will require quite a bit of travel, which will limit our time *and* money. But we miss our family and friends and favorite places over your way, so if we can possibly manage to come, rest assured that we will! And you will be among the first to know. 🙂 Hope you’re having a lovely June!

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