För ett år sedan

skedde det ofattbara i Nice- som vi senare drabbades av i Stockholm- TERROR… Finns inga ord för hur vidrig terrorn är- men tack o lov så är vi o kärleken starkare än det onda. ALLTID!🙏🏻❤️

( A year ago the unthinkable happend in Nice- later it also struck us here in Stockholm. TERROR. There is no word for how much I hate it- BUT love is stronger than hate-ALWAYS!🙏🏻❤️🇫🇷 )


8 thoughts on “För ett år sedan

  1. My home city of Manchester was hit recently. Although these acts are supposed to be divisive, I witnessed the people, ‘my people’, respond and come together in a way I’d never seen before. It left me feeling very proud.

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